Non Explosive, Low Vibration, Rock breaking & concrete demolition using Hydro Expansive Chemical (HEC)


CMT Low Vibration Solutions specialize in non explosive, low vibration, rock
breaking, concrete demolition.

CMT offers a safe alternative to blasting, where access, potential danger, vibration and noise are issues.

CMT Low Vibration Solutions offer a second to none world wide service when it comes to Low vibration and Noise, rock removal and concrete demolition.

Unlike other companies, CMT offer a total solution, we do not only deliver the rock splitting and demolition tools, but provide a comprehensive on-site service. Our experienced team will take over the rock breaking & concrete demolition task, without interfering with the on-going site construction; no downtime/shutdown, no Health & Safety issues. We commit to a tight schedule and budget and deliver without fuss. No toxic gases, no harmful substances, no explosions, no smoke, dust or vibration /shock waves, or pollution.

New innovative technologies, Hydro Expansive compounds (HEC), Specialist Hydraulic tools etc. added to our practical hands-on expertise and range of methodologies, ensure we deliver cost effective, Risk free, quality solutions and results, saving you time and money.

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